We service Dreams -- Rather it be buying  a home; selling a home; building a custom home; or remodeling a current one.

 With more that 15 years experience in real estate and 40 years in construction, we can proudly say we have learned a thing or two about real estate.  Together, we provide the

"The Service you Desire and The Expertise you Demand."  

Buying or selling

Custom Construction 


     Remodeling a home or building a custom home is scaring: Will it be done on time, will he use quality labor and materials, will he overcharge or add additional charges when it is too late to turn back.... all valid concerns.   

     Robert Varin Construction, established in 1975, has an outstanding reputation for quality, timeliness and adherence to client specifications including costs.  The client is involved in all phases of the construction.  Most clients are repeats or referrals.

     Experience includes professional remodeling, custom home building, tenant improvement and commercial projects.  


     Whether you're ready to buy or sell, we provide the service you desire.  For us it is about you, not just about making money.  Don't get us wrong, we do want to make money,  but our first priority is service -- that's how we make money.     

      Most Realtors and Real Estate Sales Associates, are good at marketing for sellers and scouring multiple listing services to find homes for buyers.  

      That's great... but an excellent Realtor does much than that. She coordinate with lenders and escrow companies.  She sets up appointments and meets with inspectors, appraisers, repair people, to save you time. She keeps you constantly in the loop, negotiates to get you the best possible deal, and efficiently facilitates the reams of paper to close escrow on time.  This is the minimum service you should demand!